Paulownia Tomentosa saplings

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  • Place of Origin: Bulgaria
  • P.Tomentosa sapling: bare-root
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Paulownia tomentosa (also known as the Empress Tree, Princess Tree or Foxglove Tree) is a deciduous tree in the genus Paulownia, native to central and western China, but invasive in the US and Europe. It grows to 10–25 m tall, with large heart-shaped to five-lobed leaves 15–40 cm across. The flowers are produced before the leaves in early spring, on panicles 10–30 cm long, with a tubular purple corolla 4–6 cm long resembling a foxglove flower. The fruit is a dry egg-shaped capsule 3–4 cm long, containing numerous tiny seeds.
Paulownia tomentosa can survive wildfire because the roots can regenerate new, very fast-growing stems. It is tolerant of pollution and it is not fussy about soil type. For this reason it functions ecologically as a pioneer plant. Its nitrogen-rich leaves provide good fodder and its roots prevent soil erosion. It also can survive on temperatures like -25°C, sometimes even lower than these.

Other common names: Royal paulownia, Imerial-tree, Kiri tree.

Few more words about Paulownia and Paulownia timber:


Why invest?


Paulownia timber is a quality, high-end timber with uses including furniture, cabinets, veneers, decorative mouldings and transport construction where premium prices may be achieved, rather than lower value wood chipping or paper pulping. This unique timber has rapid growth, is dimensionally stable, easily worked (stained, polished, glued, painted) and has excellent acoustics and insulation properties.
source: EFF Group


…and – there is a big international Paulownia timber market, there are enviroment benefits too, you can control a plantation quality and growth easier.

NOTE: Having in mind that we produce bare-root trees, the delivery is made inbetween the months October and April. In April and May we usually collect orders that are fulfilled in October same year.