This is the place of high quality new yield herbs. The herbs that you remember from your childhood or from that mountin hike from last week. Beautiful plants with redolent scent that keeps your stories from the cold days and nights. We only share these stories.

Besides our main production (our own brand – eliXir herbal tea), we can offer services as ODM for the production of ready products with wholesale or retail purpose. Below you can check the retail packages that we offer. You just need to pick the number of the package, send us a file with your label and name a quantity you need. We will take care for the rest. If you do not have your own barcode, we can provide you such.
For more information and special orders, please contact us.

  1. Package 1 big paper bag, brown – code: P1BBP. Size: 20х20+4cm (width/height/depth).
  2. Package 1 small paper bag, brown – code: P1SBP. Size: 10×16+4cm (width/height/depth).
  3. Package 1 big paper bag, white – code: P1BWP. Size: 16х20+8cm (width/height/depth).
  4. Package 1 small paper bag, white – code: P1SWP. Size: 10х16+4cm (width/height/depth).
  5. Package 2 small poly bag, LDPE, with zipper – code: P2SLDPE. Size: 10х12cm (width/height).
  6. Package 2 big poly bag, LDPE, with zipper – code: P2BLDPE. Size: 13х16cm (width/height).
  7. Package 3 big paper bag, white, with bottom – code: P3BWPBOTT. Size: 12х22+6cm (width/height/depth of the sides and the bottom).

You can check photos of the packages on